About Us

The cosmetics industry is full of products made of mostly synthetic chemicals, many of which may have negative health effects, packaged in plastic which end up as microplastics in your body or in nature.

There is no transparency about the ingredients included in your product, and they are often sold for outrageous prices, while they were made for pennies in large chemical factories.

A colossal waste of money, which may end up hurting you and the environment.

Primal Glow Cosmetics was founded to offer a better alternative.
Cosmetics that bring out the best in you, only using nature's most powerful ingredients,
in a sustainable way.

Create the best 100% natural & organic cosmetic products for everyday use.
Free from plastics and synthetic chemicals.

Founded in 2023.
Headquarters located in Delft, the Netherlands.
KVK: 88191923

My Personal Story

As founder (Wouter, born 1996) I started the company after struggling with skin issues for as long as I can remember. Ever since childhood, I have been dealing with eczema on the inside of my elbows and knees, as well as my neck. The itch was so unbearable, sometimes I would scratch my skin until bleeding, which made things worse.

Over the years, I tried every cream I could find, both doctor prescribed and from the regular drug store. But most of them didn't work at all, or only masked the symptoms. As soon as I ran out, the eczema came back.

I couldn't accept that I would be dealing with eczema forever, or that I had to keep using prescription steroid creams permanently.

I was determined to find the root cause of my skin issues, and after extensive research over multiple years, here's what I found.

Skin health starts from the inside. I started to take care of my nutrition, sleep and exercise. I optimized my gut health and body's detoxification systems.
This alone made a massive difference.

But the outside component does matters as well. I started to pay attention to the ingredients of the cosmetic products I used, and I was SHOCKED.

Healing the skin from the outside

It is well-known that the skin can absorb a lot of the things you put on it, which can enter cells and end up in the bloodstream.

So how is it acceptable that many products consist of a laundry list of synthetic chemicals with potentially negative health effects and poor long-term research behind them?

The more I researched it, the more I got convinced that many cosmetics on the market these days are doing more harm than good.

I found that to optimize your skin health from the outside, two things are necessary. (1) Remove the toxic and irritating ingredients, and (2) hydrate + nourish the skin with high quality clean products.

Because the skin absorbs, it makes no sense to cover it with something you wouldn't eat. But I couldn't find anything in the stores that I would dare to eat.

That's when I to make my own skin creams from 100% natural ingredients: rich in nutrients, edible, fresh, safe, easy to absorb, gentle on the skin.

Even when I did almost everything correctly, the eczema sometimes still came back. But with my homemade cream, I could quickly soothe and heal my skin, far better than with any other product I had ever tried (see the before & after picture).

That's when I realized I could help other people do the same

If you find something that works, for a problem that many people may deal with. Why keep it to yourself?

When learning to make cosmetic products and diving deeper into this world, I realized that what goes for skin creams goes for almost all cosmetic products these days.

Full of synthetic chemicals in cheap plastic packaging.

It doesn't have to be this way, we can do so much better.

That's when I decided to start Primal Glow Cosmetics.