Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

If you don't like the product, or you feel that there is something off with it, please contact us right away. Just fill in the contact form, and explain the situation. We judge every case individually. Depending on the situation, we can refund you the money, or send you a new product.

Where can I find more information on shipping?

Please check our Shipping Policy page!

The unscented Tallow or Shea Butter product has a smell to it, is this normal?

Yes, since our products use tallow and shea butter in their most unprocessed form, there is a natural odor there, which can be considered odd, depending on who you ask.

We choose purposefully not to deodorize these raw fats, as this requires extra processing, which may impact the nutrients and active substances present in the fat.

How long do these products last?

Once opened, our products last for about 6 months. Unopened, this could be up to 2 years.

Storing the product airtight, and in a cool and dark place can extend its shelf life.

Exposure to heat, light, and oxygen, can speed up the degradation process.